Cybercrime activities have dramatically increased in the recent years, reaching its highest peak during these times of confinement. Such situation mandates all companies to step up and employ every mean necessary to protect themselves.

Phishing, obtaining sensitive data by posing as trusted companies, is considered one of the most dangerous fraudulent practices, as it employs social engineering to obtain data, making it really difficult for any software to detect it.

This makes staff training the best prevention weapon. Here at GME all our personnel have undergone specific training on fraud prevention and detection. Caution is a main drive for all our staff, whose knowledge and awareness keep the company safe every day.

One of the biggest targets for fraudulent attacks are banking details, modifying them so that scammers can obtain funds not intended for them.

Please be aware that GME will never, under any circumstance, modify its banking details without following these steps, and always notifying in advance all business partners involved:

  1. You will receive an email informing about the banking details modification that will come together with a certificate as proof of ownership of the new bank account, and where it will be stated that such change will not enter into force until these have been confirmed with your GME representative over the phone
  2. Confirmation over the phone with your GME representative

Upon receiving an email informing of a bank account change from GME, please do contact us immediately in case you have any doubts concerning the veracity of such communication. We recommend for you not to make any payment until you have fully satisfied yourself that the change is genuine.

To prevent any fraud practices from succeeding, please treat any bank account changes as suspicious and do not hesitate to contact your GME representative for confirmation, keeping in mind that any bank account change will not be valid until it’s confirmed by phone.

Thank you for your attention

Ethical Committee of García-Munté Energía, S.L