Technical and environmental consulting service

We make our 100 years of experience available to you.


We are willing to be "partners" of our customers, and provide specific solutions related to solid fuels and energy sector in general.

And all this we do through professional advice based on a thorough knowledge of the market.

Technical advice.

We have the required experience to detect and solve any technical problem within the scope of industrial application of fuel.

Advice on fuel.

Our experience allows us to advise our clients, regardless of the type of industry in which it is framed by offering:

  1. A significant cost savings by offering the most suitable type of fuel, including fuel processed in our own processing systems.
  2. Necessary infrastructure for greater energy efficiency.

Advice on monitoring emissions.

  1. We study each case individually to achieve the best environmental performance of our customers, minimizing their emission sources and facilitating contacts for control, verification and management allowances, accessing special rates.
  2. We provide computer support for monitoring and verification of CO2 emissions, validated by the administrations and entities check
  3. In addition, we have a system based on the methodology for calculating the Support Guide published by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, with which you can simulate the calculation of PRTR emissions by introducing activity data form.


Since GME operates on the main wholesale power markets, we can offer our customers access to negotiation of CO2 rights and help them reduce the related cost.