In our constant search for the best solutions, we make non-stop investment in R+D (research and development), which is a crucial component of the added value we offer our customers.

Fields of work

At present, our R+D work is focused on the following fields:

  1. Optimizing the features of the products we market.
  2. Innovating in the industrial processes applied to our products.
  3. Developing new products and services.

When we engage in large scale projects, we complement our experience and technological capacity with the leading technology institutes and universities, thus helping us stay one step of the game in sector innovation.

Technology watch

In support of the R & D department we have created a specific activity of technology surveillance, which we use as an input for new technologies and trends in the global energy market, as well as the requirements which we have to guarantee in the development of our activities and the life cycle of our products.

Innovation is a crucial component in the added value we offer our customers.