Carry supplies just in time allows our customers to have solid fuel more efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.


To optimize our efficiency in distribution, we seek agility in the supply of raw materials, minimization of costs and operational convenience.

With end in view, we invest in both new infrastructures and in upgrades of existing ones:

  1. Port terminals
  2. Stockyards
  3. Micronization Plants
  4. Anthracite drying Plants
  5. Bagging Plants
  6. Processing Biomass Plants

Because we have subsidiaries in logistics, whether it is maritime logistics like Bai Sea Chartering or road logistics like GME Operadora de Transporte, we can close our operational cycle and ensure both our delivery times and quality.

A great deal of the key to our success is our human resources, so factors like the environment, communication and commitment are vital in our business.

In sum, this allows us to provide just-in-time supply and eliminates the need to build up stock. Hence, we can distribute solid fuel in the most efficient manner at the lowest cost possible.


Because we contract and manage our own maritime fleet, we can ensure the distribution of solid fuel by sea to the entire world, guaranteeing our delivery times and competitive prices.

Through our subsidiary Bai Sea Chartering and our partner, ALGEPOSA, we also offer a service of brokerage that is competitive with other freight companies, offering all routes and types of cargo. Algeposa, we also offer a service of brokerage that is competitive with other freight companies, offering all routes and types of cargo


New customers appreciate the fact of working with a supplier that not only supplies solid fuels, but also distributes it with its own facilities.

Thus, since 2007, we have used GME Operadora de Transporte to transport to our customers throughout the Iberian Peninsula and France all manner of materials (except liquids or hazardous materials); anything from cereals, fertilizers, steel or tires.

To provide better service, with have bascule baths and cisterns and moving floor conveyors.


We are willing to be "partners" of our customers, and provide specific solutions related to solid fuels and energy sector in general.

And all this we do through professional advice based on a thorough knowledge of the market.

Technical advice.

We have the expertise to detect and solve any technical problem or ceramic industry Limekiln.

Advice on fuel.

Our experience allows us to advise our clients, regardless of the type of industry in which it is framed by offering:

  1. A significant cost savings by offering the most suitable type of fuel, including fuel processed in our own processing systems.
  2. Necessary infrastructure for greater energy efficiency.

Advice on monitoring emissions.

  1. We study each case individually to achieve the best environmental performance of our customers, minimizing their emission sources and facilitating contacts for control, verification and management allowances, accessing special rates.
  2. We provide computer support for monitoring and verification of CO2 emissions, validated by the administrations and entities check
  3. In addition, we have a system based on the methodology for calculating the Support Guide published by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, with which you can simulate the calculation of PRTR emissions by introducing activity data form.