Technical and environmental consulting

We are committed to being partners with our customers and provide specific solutions related to solid fuels and the energy sector in general.

And we do it based on professional advisory rooted in an in-depth knowledge of the market.

Technical support.
We have the experience to detect and solve any technical problem in the lime or ceramics industry.

Advisory on fuels.
Our experience enables us to offer our customers, regardless of their sector, advisory with the following benefits:

  1. Major costs savings by offering the most suitable type of fuel, including fuels processed in our own systems.
  2. The infrastructures needed to attain the highest possible energy efficiency.

Advisory in emissions tracking.

  1. We study each case individually in order to achieve the best environmental performance by our customers in a way that minimizes focus of emissions and providing the contacts necessary for the control, verification and management of emission rights, including access to special rates.
  2. We provide computer support for the tracking and verification of CO2 emissions as validated by the authorities and verification bodies.
  3. We also have a form attached based on the methodology of calculation of the Support Guide published by the Environment Department of the Government of Andalusia, which can simulate the calculation of PRTR emissions when entering operations data.
More than solid fuel distributors, we want to be our customers partners.