Supply of solid fuels

To optimize our efficiency in distribution, we seek agility in the supply of raw materials, minimization of costs and operational convenience.

With end in view, we invest in both new infrastructures and in upgrades of existing ones:

  1. Port terminals
  2. Stockyards
  3. Micronization Plants
  4. Anthracite drying Plants
  5. Bagging Plants
  6. Processing Biomass Plants

Because we have subsidiaries in logistics, whether it is maritime logistics like Bai Sea Chartering or road logistics like GME Operadora de Transporte, we can close our operational cycle and ensure both our delivery times and quality.

A great deal of the key to our success is our human resources, so factors like the environment, communication and commitment are vital in our business.

In sum, this allows us to provide just-in-time supply and eliminates the need to build up stock. Hence, we can distribute solid fuel in the most efficient manner at the lowest cost possible.

Supplying "just in time" allows our customers to have solid fuel as efficiently and cheaply as possible.