Quality and Environment

As part of the energy industry, we are aware of the responsibility we and our customers bear for the sustainability of the planet.


We have environmental licenses for all our warehouses, which have involved substantial investments in corrective measures like:

  1. Irrigation systems with tensoactive agents and flocculants.
  2. Lagoons and systems for the collection and reuse of irrigation water to fulfill our “0 emissions” policy.
  3. Truck washing systems and road cleaning machinery.

Our customers

We want to help our customers in their environmental management through the use of methods of measurement, control and conservation and by surpassing the legal requirements of environmental regulations.

Thus, our consultancy service offers:

  1. Legal support to acquire permits for fuel exchange.
  2. Meetings with different authorities to deal with issues arising from the use of solid fuels.
  3. Technical support to achieve the best possible energy efficiency in the furnace.
  4. Installation of filters to reduce emissions.

And we do all this by prioritizing quality, which is the only way we know to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, the safety of our employees (our greatest resource) and, in short, make our business grow.

This is why we have had, since 2005, the seal of quality of ISO 9001:2000 and we are now standardizing all our operations in accordance with the environmental management requirements of ISO 14001 and the standards for the prevention of occupational hazards in OHSAS 18001.

Download our company policy  here.

We are concerned about the sustainability of our planet.