The metcoke is produced in coking furnaces and its main purpose is combustion in reduction processes. The main composition of metcoke is as follows: fixed carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, ash and volatile material. Its final composition depends on the duration of the distilling process and the composition of the coking coal used.

Moisture 10%
Ash 12%
Volatiles 1,5% max.
Sulfur < 1%
Fixed carbon 80% min.
Pcs kcal/kg 7800 min.
Hgi 30-90
0x10 mm Iron foundires, meta, steel, chemicals, lead foundries, ferro-alloys, production of stone wool and other insulation materials.
10×25 mm
30×90 mm
40×60 mm
90×250 mm
Good load bearing capacity, excelling conductivity and reactivity and low sulfur and volatile content.