This mineral is extracted directly from the mines and contains a high proportion of carbon, low volatility and low sulfur content, which give it excellent properties for use in reduction processes or as a source of energy.

Depending on the origin of the mining basin, there are three types of anthracite:

  1. Low volatile content
    This type of anthracite is especially suitable for carbon/reduction contribution, such as steel, metal and chemicals
Moisture 10%
Ash 2-10%
Volatiles 2-3%
Sulfur 1% max
Fixed carbon 88% min
Pcs kcal/kg 7000 min
  1. Medium volatile content
    Particularly indicated for domestic use, both for its ash content and its higher volatile level, although it can be used in industry.
Humidity 8%
Ash 5-10%
Volatiles 5-6%
Sulfur 1% max
Fixed carbon 84% min
Pcs kcal/kg 7400 min
  1. High volatile content
    Particularly indicated for domestic use.
Humidity 8%
Ash 12% max
Volatiles 8-9%
Sulfur 0,50% max
Fixed carbon 82% min
Pcs kcal/kg 7300 min
0x10mm Ferro-alloy, steel, metal, lime, foundries, domestic use, sugar, and chemical.
>40 mm
Excellent Price Relation fixed carbon