Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics provides the basic concepts for the policies and procedures of GARCÍA-MUNTÉ ENERGÍA, S.L., which must be known and applied by all its employees, executives, directors as well as its customers, suppliers and other commercial collaborators. It also provides a framework for the company’s ethical principles and standards that can be summarised in the following general principles that must be applied in our daily work:

  1. All the actions that are carried out and the decisions adopted within the company shall be adapted to and fulfil applicable laws, including the company’s internal regulations, policies and procedures.
  2. All staff must be honest and trustworthy in their actions and the relationships they may have when acting in the name and on behalf of the company.
  3. The company, its employees and collaborators must avoid any possible conflict of interest while performing their work and in any other situation.
  4. Any kind of discrimination based on age, gender, nationality, religious beliefs or political opinions must be avoided at all times in the company’s treatment of its staff and collaborators.
  5. The company’s employees, executives and directors must ensure the information owned by GARCÍA-MUNTÉ ENERGÍA, S.L. is kept confidential and prevent any access, disclosure and use of reserved data by third parties and, in particular, by other companies in the sector.
  6. All the company’s employees and collaborators must undertake a commitment for service quality, security in all their actions and protection of the environment.

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